NuvaRing Guide

In 2008 Time magazine sold over 2 million copies daily. NuvaRing featured within this highly regarded American magazine within a special article listing NuvaRing as one of the best inventions of 2001. However in other areas of the world NuvaRing may not be so well known or publicised. This option of birth control (or more formerly contraception) sounds on first encounter more like a fashion accessory or some kind of piercing technique, however it is also termed the “once a month birth control”. In fact the NuvaRing has been a licensed medicine for use in the USA by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) since 2001, but it has not been commonly recommended or even discussed in the UK as a form of birth control.  It is a contraceptive with many advantages over more well-known types of birth control (contraceptives). During a clinical trial more than 70% of the women participating, who were already or previously taking the oral contraceptive pill preferred to use NuvaRing rather than the oral contraceptive. Many more recommended the device instead of other forms of contraception.

How is NuvaRing used?

The NuvaRing product is also called a vaginal ring. The vaginal ring can be placed inside the vagina by you and remains there for 3 weeks out of every 4 weeks. It is removed during the fourth week and re inserted the next week to start the cycle again. It releases a combination of hormones that alter your body’s natural hormonal balance to control your reproductive cycle. The primary changes that occur are the alteration of the timing of the release of your eggs (ova). When you have NuvaRing inserted and follow the correct instructions for its use, your eggs are not released and pregnancy cannot take place by fertilisation of these ova by male sperm.

What does the NuvaRing look like and what size is the NuvaRing?

The NuvaRing® is a trademark that belongs to the pharmaceutical company (called Organon located in Kenilworth, New Jersey, USA now known as the company called MERCK) who manufacture the vaginal ring. The measurements of the ring are of diameter of 54 mm (5.4 cm) and depth of 4 mm (0.4 cm). It is colourless, flexible and a type of thermoplastic (specifically made of ethylene vinyl acetate copolymers and magnesium stearate). Thermoplastic means that when it is heated it softens and is easily moulded. On cooling it is firmer yet still flexible.

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