Help for Non-Specific Urethritis

Non-Specific Urethritis Treatment

When symptomatic, non-specific urethritis is a painful and unpleasant experience, and where the condition occurs without symptoms it can carry the risk of developing into a more serious condition if left untreated. The condition is also closely associated to sexually transmitted infections, a growing concern in the modern world.

In this article we look at where you can and should go to address your non-specific urethritis.

Source of treatment

As with any medical issue, you can always go to see your GP about your concerns if you believe you have non-specific urethritis. Your GP will be able to commission any necessary tests or treatment. In some cases however, it can often be difficult to get an appointment with your GP, and if you are suffering from the unpleasant symptoms of urethritis waiting for such an appointment may not be feasible.

If you need to see a doctor straight away, you can visit a local genitourinary or sexual health clinic. These are facilities dedicated to addressing sexual health issues, which include urethritis. You don’t need to arrange an appointment at most sexual health centres, and can just walk in and ask to see a doctor. How long it might take to see a doctor will vary depending on how busy the facility is, but fortunately in most cases it won’t be long before you can get the medical advice and support you need.

Doctors at sexual health clinics can arrange test to determine the cause of your NSU, and administer the necessary antibiotic treatment to help clear your symptoms and the condition itself as soon as possible. They will also be able to give you some advice on managing the condition and your sexual health in general so that you can avoid any recurrent infections.

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