Cost of Treatment for Syphilis

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In terms of cost, treatment for syphilis is provided free at all NHS GUM clinics and most General Practitioner (GP) surgeries. The service provided is time efficient and you will be seen to quickly whenever you go, without having to wait weeks. Quite often treatment is offered the same day that the diagnosis of the infection is confirmed or if not it occurs within the same week. This eliminates the requirement for private treatment unless complications occur in which case you may have a preference for being admitted to a private hospital.

The only charge that may occur if you undergo treatment within the NHS is a prescription fee to dispense the medication. Certain categories of individuals are exempt from paying prescription charges, such as children under the age of 16, those who are 17 and in full time education, individuals on a low income and older people over the age of 60. Individuals with certain health conditions may be eligible for exemption. It is advised to ask your local GP or pharmacist for more information concerning NHS prescription charges.

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