Types of Revision Weight Loss Surgery

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Revision surgery is sometimes required after an initial weight loss surgery procedure is ineffective or if it causes complication. You will usually be offered various types of additional surgery if you are finding it extremely difficult to lose weight, if you are gaining weight or If your health is at risk. The first port of call if the issue is with weight will be to refer you on to a support team, usually this is offered to you through your aftercare package, you will have access to specialist nurses, dieticians, exercise specialists and a psychologist, this team will assist with your lifestyle change and will offer you support with attempting to gain the maximum weight loss, they may also refer you to support groups where you will be offered assistance from others experiencing the same issues. If your weight still continues to stay the same, or to increase after you have taken advantage from this support you may be offered some of the following surgical methods.

Adjustable Gastric Band

This is a band placed around your stomach which reduces your stomach in size, effectively leading to you consuming less food. You may already have a band fitted and as 10% of people find that their band slips you may need to have revision surgery to readjust the band or to replace it.

Gastric Bypass

This is a procedure which alters your intestinal path, it reduces the size of your stomach and bypasses part of your intestine, reducing the amount of food intake as well as the way in which your digestive system absorbs food and calories.

Duodenal Switch

This surgery removes around 70% of your stomach the small stomach left stays attached to your digestive system, your stomach is then attached lower down to the small intestines- this reduces the amount of food you are able to consume.

Biliopancreatic Diversion

This removes part of your stomach, and your stomach is then connected at a lower part of the small intestines – bypassing some of your intestines – reducing the amount of food intake.

Some patients may find that from their original surgery if they have had a small stomach pouch created by a stapling method, you could be experiencing leaking through these staples. This will require either stapling of the stomach pouch again, or a surgeon to sew the pouch walls. You may also find that a Gastric band is recommended or that the surgeon will be able to remove more stomach and make the pouch smaller with staples.

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