Alternative Treatments to Remove Thread Veins

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For those of you who aren’t a fan of fancy high tech treatments which use complicated devices with even more complicated names to treat your thread veins, there are more tame alternatives that can achieve results.

Compression treatment for thread veins

Medical compression stockings are widely used for varicose veins, and rely on applying pressure on a leg to restore normal blood flow and circulation, reducing symptoms. Similarly this can work on thread veins, however its effectiveness is limited and the results shortlived.  Moreover compression stockings can be notoriously uncomfortable, and have the obvious downside of not being applicable to facial thread veins!

Natural vitamin K creams

Vitamins are naturally occurring and their health benefits are well known. Vitamin K is known to have a role in skin rejuvenation, and in particular is involved in normal blood clotting, effective healing, and maintaining the tone and appearance of skin.

Vitamin K exists in three types. The first of the three, K1, is present in green vegetables (yes, that means broccoli I’m afraid!), dairy, and cereals. Conversely, K2 is generated by the body itself, and K3 can only be manufactured.

Topical applications of vitamin K creams have been known to remove skin blemish, improve skin elasticity, remove dark skin colour, boost healing, and more relevantly, treat thread veins. Vitamin K creams have been reported to reduce thread venation and redness, and in theory work by strengthening blood vessels and hence improving circulation.

However the effectiveness of this remedy is debated, with varying reports as to its efficacy. That being said, the simple nature of the cream and the fact that most often it will involve natural ingredients make it worth a try on account of the low cost and risk.

Hiding Thread Veins

While not a treatment per say, another option where thread veins are concerned is simply concealment. The host of cosmetic products available in many high street retailers offers a cost effective and simple solution if your thread veins are manageable and if you’re unwilling to commit to the cost, risk, or hassle of another treatment.

The British Red Cross offers skin camouflage sessions across the country in which you can be taught effective methods of concealing dermatological conditions like Rosacea.

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