Thread Vein Removal Abroad 

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Having medical procedures abroad is a concept that’s still fairly new but is becoming increasingly popular with residents of the UK. As tourists abroad, people are being offered great deals and prices on cosmetic procedures, and the idea of recovering in the sun is a tempting one. A lot of people can’t afford the steep UK prices, so getting a holiday and the cosmetic treatment they want at the same time can often be ideal. Particularly with thread vein removal, people want to be showing off their new legs, not hiding them away because of the typical British weather!

Can I Have Thread Vein Removal Abroad?

Most treatments and procedures can now be done abroad, and thread vein removal is no exception. It is widely available at most private clinics in Europe.

Is It Safe?

Having cosmetic procedures abroad is generally very safe, but some thorough research beforehand is a must. See what clinics have good reviews for thread vein removal and which ones don’t. Also remember that there are no certain guarantees, as with thread vein removal in the UK. Each person is different, so results can vary quite a bit. Be sure to check any legal documentation carefully.

Is It Expensive?

If you plan on having thread vein removal in a country somewhere relatively close, such as Spain or France, you can expect the cost to be slightly cheaper than if you were to have the procedure in the UK. If you plan on going further afield, such as South America, the cost of the procedure may be significantly cheaper, but bear in mind the costs of flights etc will be steeper.

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