Thread Veins around the Eyes

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Thread or spider veins affect a large part of the population, particularly with age. These web like blue or red veins which appear on the skin can typically present on the face, and in particular around the nose and eyes. Thread veins around your eyes can give you a tired look, but are not indicative of health problems. In fact the primary concern upon the presentation of the condition is cosmetic as many people who suffer from the condition don’t like their appearance.

Why do I have thread veins around my eyes?

There are many reasons for the emergence of thread veins, but at the same time any one specific cause is hard to pinpoint. Thread veins occur as blood flow through veins and fine blood vessels called capillaries is disrupted. Increased circulation in these vessels places pressure on them, causing them to expand and become visible. Furthermore vein and capillary walls weaken with age, also resulting in increased expansion and hence visibility.

Many members of the fair skinned population suffer from a condition called Rosacea, which most often presents as a widespread facial reddening upon exposure to certain stimuli, e.g. the sun, extremes of temperature, or the consumption of specific foods, e.g. spicy foods and alcohol.

Other contributory factors are alcohol consumption, genetic factors (if your parents had thread veins then they’re to blame!), and gender (women are far more likely to develop the condition than men). Lack of sleep and stress are also thought to cause the condition to present n all likelihood more than one of these act to cause thread venation.

Can I prevent thread veins forming around my eyes?

To prevent unsightly thread veins forming around your eyes a number of steps that contribute to general health and wellbeing should be followed. Getting your recommended eight hours of sleep a night both keeps you feeling fresh and your eyes looking good! Regularly moisturising and maintaining the skin around your eyes, particularly with vitamin K creams is recommended by some sources. Vitamin K is naturally occurring in leafy greens, tomatoes and other food stuffs, but is also commonly used in beauty treatments for its ability to promote skin rejuvenation.

Limiting your alcohol intake can also be an important step. Excess alcohol consumption causes a tell tale facial redness which can result in thread veins. Similarly if you have Rosacea, then avoiding stimuli and foods (as discussed above) that exacerbate your condition is probably a good idea!

Can I get rid of the thread veins around my eyes?

The skin around your eyes is particularly sensitive and care must be taken when considering applying any kind of treatment to them. The simplest method of getting rid of your ocular thread veins, and probably the safest, is to simply cover them up with good make up! The Red Cross offers workshops to teach you how best to conceal any dermatological conditions that may cause you personal distress.

Other treatment options are available, but you must consult both your doctor and the professional involved as to whether it is safe to carry out the procedure near your eyes.  Laser and IPL therapies run a risk of reddening and/or scarring, and similarly an allergic reaction to a sclerosant (drug used in sclerotherapy to remove thread veins) can be extremely irksome around the eyes.

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