Reasons for Thread Vein Removal

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Although thread veins aren’t dangerous to your health, they can sometimes be a bit unsightly, and most people choose to have them removed for aesthetic/cosmetic purposes. Some view them simply as a minor blemish, but for others thread veins can greatly affect their self-confidence, making them conscious of exposing the affected areas and often resorting to covering them up as often as possible. Experiencing these levels of self-consciousness can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and can make you just plain miserable.

Thread vein removal can help rectify this. If you’re debating whether removal is the option for you however, the Red Cross run what they call camouflage clinics in which they teach you how to use make up to effectively conceal those thread veins in the mean time.

Real Life Stories

One lady who underwent the procedure, Sheila, expressed how she always wanted to wear shorts in the summer, especially when playing golf on the golf course, but was paranoid about the thread veins in her legs, and felt everyone would stare at them if she exposed them. She had the procedure so that she could wear the clothes she wanted and not be embarrassed.

Another lady who suffered from facial thread veins, Pauline, was concerned about other people’s opinions of her. She was worried people thought she was drinking heavily or abusing her body, that she was causing the thread veins herself. She also wanted to be able to leave the house without wearing make-up, and having the procedure allowed her to do this with confidence.

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