My Baby Has Thread Veins

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The appearance of anything out of the ordinary on your newborn’s skin might send you into a parental panic, but put your mind at ease that the presence of thread veins on your baby’s skin is not in fact enough to have you reaching for your phone...

What are thread veins?

Thread veins are simply fine blood vessels, usually veins and capillaries, made visible by their expansion. In adults they are usually the result of a number of different factors that contribute to their formation. In newborns however, their cause is less certain, but is most often simply a cosmetic consequence of the shift in environment (from the uterus to the outside world), and will fade in time. It’s always worth going to your family doctor just to make sure everything is fine, but thread veins are usually not a cause for concern.

What does vitamin K have to do with thread veins?

Vitamin K has been associated with thread veins and in particular their treatment as it is a vitamin used in creams to promote skin healing and rejuvenation. Vitamin K has a noted effect on accelerating skin repair when applied topically as a 5% cream, and hence it is thought to have some role in maintaining the appearance and structure of skin. Newborn infants tend to be born with a deficiency of vitamin K that some think may contribute to their thread veins. Supplements are usually provided for the infant which probably help clear the condition up.

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