Thread Veins on Thighs

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Thread veins appear very commonly on the thighs due to both the large blood vessels that run through this part of the body, and the pressure exerted on your legs by the simple fact that you are (supposedly) two legged!

Do I have thread veins or varicose veins and what is the difference between them?

Varicose and thread veins very typically present on the thighs, and therefore it is important to distinguish between the two. Thread veins may present as a consequence of varicose veins, but not vice versa, as the two are separate conditions, even though they can both appear on your thighs.

‘Varicose’ is Greek for ‘grape like’, which fits the condition quite perfectly as varicose veins appear purple, thick, and knotted. They can be quite uncomfortable, and quite often present on the legs, particularly the thighs. This condition is quite different to thread veins as it is caused by a dysfunction of valves which control the direction of blood flow in large veins in your legs.  The result is unpleasant pooling of blood in these faulty sections of veins, resulting in the appearance of varicose veins.

While thread and varicose veins are two separate conditions, the latter may cause the formal.  The presence of varicose veins results in undue pressure on the vasculature of your legs, which leads to the formation of thread veins as the fine capillaries and veins which are affected in the condition are overfilled with blood, and hence expand and become visible.

How can I get rid of thread veins on my thighs?

While thread veins, unless as a complication of another condition, are generally harmless, some people find their appearance unseemly or discomfiting; if you find yourself displeased with how your thighs look because of your thread veins then you’re in luck.  Modern technology presents you with a number of options for treatment, and you’ll be wearing some suitably summery swimming trunks with perfect self confidence in no time.

Firstly, if your thread veins are linked to varicose veins on your thighs, then consult your doctor and attempt to treat this condition first. With some good fortune, your thread veins will clear up too.

If you chose to cosmetically remove your thread veins, you can do so with laser treatment, or a variant using the same principle called Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL. In these focussed light is used to heat up offending veins to the point that they are damaged, after which the body’s self repair mechanism kicks in, resulting in the absorption of the damaged vessel and clear skin. IPL is slightly different in that rapid pulses of light are applied to the affected area, as opposed to the single wavelength used in laser treatment.  This often gives better results, although both treatments need be applied over a number of sessions spaced at 6-8 weeks apart to allow your skin to heal.

Laser and IPL therapies do carry a slight risk of scarring and tissue damage.  If that puts you off, other alternatives are present that might better suit you and your needs. Veinwave uses microwaves to the same end, while electrolysis uses electricity. These are only covered very briefly here, but serve to illustrate that there are options, and with some research you can find one suited to your specific needs.

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