Thread Veins on Ankles

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Venous problems tend to occur on the legs because of the pressure upright posture and walking exerts on the blood vessels of our lower body. One such issue is the development of thread or spider veins on the ankle in what is called an ankle flare. The condition presents as a network of blue (although they can be red) spider web like veins on the skin, which occur as a result of blood pooling where it shouldn’t because of the weakening of vein walls over time.

Ankle flares are quite often a consequence of varicose veins, a separate condition in which blood flow in larger veins is disrupted resulting in large purple knots of blood vessels which can cause discomfort and even pain. However if all you have are thread veins in your ankles, then more often than not no serious health issue is present.

Can I prevent thread veins from forming on my ankles?

While there are many factors contributing to the development of ankle flares, there are a number of simple steps you can take to give your ankles the best chance of being wonderfully vein free.

The first is to keep blood flowing to your ankles and feet if you have been in one position, e.g. sitting or standing, for too long. This has the added bonus of just making you feel better if you’ve been on an unpleasantly long journey. If you can, getting up and walking whilst travelling is also advisable, and if your doctor recommends it, wearing compression socks which maintain healthy blood flow by taking some pressure off your veins is also a good idea.

Other steps are simple lifestyle changes, regular activity keeps your heart and vessels healthy and efficient, while keeping your weight in the healthy range also minimises the pressure placed on your ankle veins. Tight clothing can restrict blood flow to the ankle, as can crossing your legs.

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