Can I Prevent Thread Veins?

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Like with any other medical ailment, there are steps you can take to maintain your health and complexion. Risk factors are exactly that, risk factors, and not a guaranteed sentence. So even with a genetic predisposition to the condition for example, there are measures you can take to avoid the incidence of thread veins.   

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How can I prevent thread veins?

Prevention of thread veins is largely to do with maintaining a lifestyle and body type that doesn’t place undue pressure on the small blood vessels which, when damaged or disrupted, form the web like venation typical of the condition. Keeping slim and exercising regularly both maintain a healthy vascular system, keeping your blood pressure low and your blood vessels happy!

Avoiding standing or sitting still for too long, and also generally maintaining a healthy level of movement in your day to day life also lowers your chance of thread veins forming. For the fair skinned among you who are susceptible to Rosacea, the reddening and expansion of blood vessels in the face when exposed to certain stimuli, avoiding foods which trigger the condition also prevents thread veins from occurring. These include spicy foods, alcohol, and caffeine.

While it’s well known that prolonged exposure to sunlight can have negative implications for your skin like sun burn and the risk of skin cancer, it can also contribute to the formation of thread veins. Avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight, and also artificial sources of harmful UV like tanning beds.

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