Preparing for Thread Vein Removal

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How Do I Prepare Myself for Thread Vein Removal?

There is not a great deal of preparation involved with regards to thread vein removal as the procedure is relatively simple. Preparation may differ slightly depending on the type of treatment you are undergoing, and also depending on the specialist that is carrying out the treatment and their own specific requirements.

If you are having leg thread veins removed, you will probably undergo a leg examination when you go for your initial consultation. This will be to check for any underlying vein problems you might have, which might be indicated by swelling or changes in the skin. If you are found to have any you may have to delay your thread vein removal treatment. Also, before you go for your consultation make sure you thoroughly check your own legs for varicose veins, as you may need these assessing by your specialist.  

A lot of clinics will advise you to avoid aspirin, vitamin E and aloe vera for at least a week prior to treatment. You will also be advised not to apply any moisturiser, oil or sun cream to your legs on the day of the treatment, if you are having your legs treated.

For IPL treatment, you are advised to avoid the sun, sun beds or any tanning products for between 30 and 60 days prior to the procedure. Some clinics also recommend not smoking 4 hours before the treatment. If you are having microsclerotherapy, it might be wise to bring a pair of shorts that you can wear during the treatment, to allow easier access and more comfort. Also bring your support and trousers to wear home. Be prepared for the fact that your legs may be bruised for a period of time after the treatment, so you might not feel comfortable wearing shorts or skirts right away.

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