Cost of Thread Vein Removal

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Is Thread Vein Removal Expensive?

The cost of thread vein removal can vary greatly depending on the amount of work that is needed to be done, the condition of the skin and the type of procedure you undergo, as well as which clinic you choose to book with. With some clinics, you will have to first pay a consultation fee, which can rise to around £200 depending on how highly acclaimed the clinic is.

IPL (Laser) Treatment

For IPL treatment you can expect to pay anywhere from £60-£400 per session, depending on the size of the area that needs treating. The cheaper end of this spectrum will be the average price for facial thread vein removal sessions, and the higher prices for large areas on the legs.


Sclerotherapy treatments will usually be around £100-£250 per 30 minute session, again depending on the condition and size of the area.

Can I Have Thread Vein Removal on the NHS?

The NHS will generally not pay for cosmetic procedures that are not deemed necessary. For the most part, cosmetic surgery is seen as being ‘elective’ as it is just concerned with aesthetic appearance. As thread veins are not dangerous and don’t put your health at risk, it’s not a necessity to have them removed, so the NHS won’t be able to cover the treatment.

How Can I Pay For Treatment?

A lot of clinics have quite reasonable payment options, understanding the price of treatment is not easily affordable for everyone. Most offer a monthly repayment plan, and loans are typically repaid over a 12 to 48 month period.

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