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Inman aligners are used to rectify the crookedness that can form.  Teeth lose their stability and can become wonky overtime, leading to problems with tooth alignment.  There used to be hardly anything that could be done to change this, however as dentistry has improved and technological advances made there are plenty of ways that this can be rectified.  Braces such as an Inman Aligner are by far the most popular, being removable and natural in appearance. 

The aligner is see-through, and is alike to a gum shield in appearance.  It exerts a small amount of pressure onto the teeth to move them back into position and prevent any additional movement.  This is performed on both the front and back teeth, pushing them back together and in line.  Unlike a normal brace, the aligner is very fast acting due to the nature of its function. 

Inman Aligner Adjusting

Alike to a conventional brace the aligner will need to be adjusted over time by your orthodontist.  It is also important that you visit them in order to ascertain your progress and ensure that no damage is being created by your aligner.  Unlike a brace, however, you won’t need frequent visits, as the Inman Aligner is designed to make small adjustments on its own as your teeth move. 

Reasons for an Inman Aligner

  • Small orthodontic work
  • Misalignment of teeth
  • Overbite and underbite
  • Filling small gaps

The Inman Aligner cannot be used for any major form of orthodontic work but is effective for smaller treatments

Inman Aligner Results

It will take you up to a week to be comfortable with your aligner, and throughout this time you might experience an increase of saliva or small speech problems.  Aligners are removable however the more you use it the faster you will become comfortable with it and the quicker the results will start to show.  You ought to wear it for sixteen hours of the day to ensure that there will be visible results within weeks.  Everyone will have different reactions to the aligner, and some people will see results faster than others.  Generally speaking it will take fourteen weeks to reach the desired result. 

After your teeth have moved to their ultimate position it is possible that you will need to wear a retainer to maintain the result.  This is placed on the back of the teeth and cannot be seen by others. 

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