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One of the main concerns for people thinking about undergoing orthodontic treatment, is the aesthetic impact that the brace will have. Luckily, due to dental innovations a new generation of braces has been created, specifically designed with aesthetics in mind.

Traditionally, braces used highly visible metal arches and brackets combined with elastic to put constant pressure on your teeth and move them gently. Invisalign is a new type of brace designed to work discreetly as possible while retaining the effectiveness of a traditional brace. It is hard to spot someone wearing an invisalign brace and it can produce results similar to those of traditional braces.

Instead of the metal wires and brackets, Invisalign makes use of a set of plastic aligners which move the teeth with gentle but constant pressure. This makes it much more comfortable to wear than a conventional brace and can still produce effective results. The Invisalign brace is also completely removable, although this puts a lot more responsibility for the outcome of the treatment onto the patient than fixed braces. Invisalign can be used to treat a range of orthodontic issues, but for the more severe ones an alternative brace may be recommended. Invisalign also produce specialised teen and express models and with the latter, treatment can be finished in as little as six months (compared to the standard 12-18 months with the normal Invisalign model).

Fitting Invisalign Express Braces

Before you are fitted with Invisalign Express, your dentist will provide a thorough oral examination and take a mold of your teeth using dental putty along with some photographs of your mouth. Using these, a 3D model of your teeth is created and used to design your aligner. Because of the lack of metal and elastics, patients often report that Invisalign is much more comfortable than conventional braces. Also, no metal and elastics means less follow up visits for adjustments and monitoring.

Whilst the aligners move the teeth in much the same way as traditional braces, only certain teeth are allowed to move at each stage making the process much more controlled. Because the brace is removable, you can eat and drink whatever you like during treatment but it is important to wear the brace as often as possible to ensure quick treatment. It is commonly advised not to smoke while wearing Invisalign as the brace make become stained.

Although there is less follow up visits involved with Invisalign than conventional braces, you will still need appointments every couple of months to make small adjustments and monitor your progress. Invisalign Express is usually much cheaper than the standard models due to the fact there are less aligners and follow up visits required.

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