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Braces are traditionally seen as a long lasting treatment for wonky teeth, taking between one and three years to achieve the result that they hoping to establish.  This might be alright for children or teenagers, but for adults having a prolonged treatment is a daunting prospect.  Recently this problem has been overcome by the advancement of ‘6-month smiles’ treatments, helping to make braces less visible and faster in their results.

The 6-Month Smiles Concept

The 6-month smile braces are used to cut down on the amount of time it takes for a brace to take effect and to make wearing a brace less noticeable to others.  It does this by:

  • Using natural coloured, thin wires that can hardly be seen
  • Very slowly applying pressure and small amounts of force on the teeth, allowing less discomfort and better results
  • Using new advances in dental treatments to move the teeth quicker but with the same effectiveness as traditional braces.  Sometimes the treatment time can be reduced by 75%
  • Using nickel titanium wires, these target the teeth that are visible when you smile

The subtlety of the 6-month smile treatment makes it ideal for adults or teenagers who want to make small alterations to the teeth at the front of the mouth.  The 6-month smile concept can be used for a variety of reasons, the majority being:

  • Helping to fill in any gaps in the teeth
  • Reducing crowding within the mouth
  • Issues with your bite, or ‘occlusion
  • Helping with front teeth that stick out, upper or lower
  • Correct a misplaced midline, when then upper and lower teeth aren’t in alignment with each other.

6-Month Smile Procedure

You will have many examinations and consultations before any braces are fitted to your mouth.  During these examinations your dentist will make radiographs, (X-rays), of your teeth and full examinations of your mouth in order to fully ascertain what needs to be moved and the effect this could have on the rest of your mouth.  Your wishes for the treatment will be discussed and the reality of what can be achieved decided upon.

You will have the brace fitted.  These are small white brackets and natural coloured wires that are specially made in a US laboratory. 

After the brace has been fitted and adjusted to your mouth you will need to visit your dentist every month for brief ten minute check-ups and to have the brace adjusted.  When extra pressure is added to your teeth it can cause some discomfort for a few days while your teeth adjust.  This is perfectly normal, and will eventually dissipate, you ought to be able to control the pain using over the counter medications.  Your dentist will advise you on this.  Your speech might be affected and you may experience a greater production of saliva, although these are temporary reactions to the additional pressure. 

Once the allocated period of time has passed, and your dentist is satisfied with the results, then you will have the brace removed.  Your teeth will be cleaned so any cement is removed, and there will be no marks left on the enamel once the brace has gone.  It is likely that you will be given a retainer to wear to ensure that there is no movement of the teeth once the brace has been removed.  These can either be removable or can be fitted using an adhesive to the back of your teeth, ensuring their subtlety. 

6-Month Smiles Results

6-month smiles make an impact on the teeth at the front of your mouth, the ones that are visible when you smile.  As a result your teeth will appear better in line, and your appearance could have a significant change.  Although 6-month smiles cannot be used for major corrective work, they can prove fast and effective for the majority of small problems with bite, gaps or over-crowding. 

Benefits of 6-Month Smile

  • Lower cost than other braces
  • Treatment time can be cut by 75% when using the 6-Month smile treatment
  • Less discomfort as the teeth are moved in a gentle way
  • Less of an aesthetic impact than other types of braces

Disadvantages of 6-Month Smiles

  • Although the braces are very subtle they are still slightly noticeable
  • Only the front teeth, the ones visible when you smile, are corrected which may leave you with some problems that can’t be solved using the 6-month smile system
  • You do have to wear a retainer following the 6-month smile brace
  • Although the name implies that all treatments will last 6 months, this might not be the case.

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