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The appearanceof wearing a brace is often a drawback for people considering orthodontic treatment. In the past, the treatment options were limited to highly visible fixed wire braces. Fortunately, due to rapid dental developments, there are now more options for orthodontic treatment than ever before.

A new breed of 'invisible' brace, specially designed to minimise the aesthetic impact of wearing a brace has become increasingly popular. One such brand is, Invu braces. While making use of the same system that traditional braces use, Invu braces are modernised.

The key difference between traditional style braces and Invu braces are the construction and quality of materials used in the brace. Invu braces are created using ceramic materials, which are much more sturdy than those used in traditional braces. This means the risk of them breaking or splintering is greatly reduced. The pressure placed on your teeth is carefully controlled, meaning that there is less treatment time involved. Because of the accuracy provided by your Invu brace, pressure is exerted in just the right way, meaning noticeable results can be achieved using Invu within 12-18 months of fitting.

Invu braces are geared to lessen the aesthetic impact of your brace, so all brackets are created from white ceramics, making them much harder to spot against your natural teeth. In the same way, coloured elastics are used, making them much less noticeable. Invu braces are also designed with comfort in mind and do not have the rough edges present in many traditional braces.

It is worth noting that the white wires used in Invu braces are typically the same metal wires used in conventional braces, covered in teflon. If this coating becomes chipped, it may undo the aesthetic benefits of the brace. The wires are also prone to becoming stained by certain types of food and drinks. This can be a particular problem if you ingest a lot of red wine, tea, coffee or if you are a smoker.

Aftercare of Invu Braces

You will need to take good care of your braces and natural teeth throughout the treatment period of Invu Braces. They are especially vulnerable to damage and a lack of oral hygiene could mean that the treatment times are extended. Invu braces are permanently fixed, so it is easy for food to become trapped in the arches or brackets. If this is not regularly cleaned off, then tooth decay and a range of other dental problems could occur. A lack of oral hygiene can also leave the archwires prone to staining. Also, you must try to avoid eating hard or sticky foods as breaking brackets will often lead to increased treatment times.

With careful use and care, Invu Braces can prove to be an excellent solution for people requiring orthodontic treatment.

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