Blanx Anti-Ageing

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This toothpaste involves a 3-in-1 formula.  Minerals and fluoride ions are added to strengthen tooth minerals and enamel and Vitamin E is included to keep your gums in a healthy, young state.

Blanx have included some active ingredients in their Anti-Ageing toothpaste that aid the tooth enamel to remineralise. This can further lead to a low risk of tooth decay as well as preventing sensitivity. The sensitivity can be caused by the enamel wearing away to expose dentine and nerves to the mouth. These can then cause a painful reaction when certain food and drink is consumed, so it is rather important to protect teeth against it.

By remineralising the tooth enamel, it can keep teeth strong and healthy in the long term so that your teeth remain looking youthful for a long period of time. This is very sought after in modern society, as many people are driven to appear younger than their year and teeth can be a big indicator of somebody’s age. By keeping teeth looking white and healthy, it can overall give the person a more youthful appearance.

Why is Vitamin E a key ingredient?

Vitamin E has been added to the Anti-Ageing toothpaste by Blanx to help keep gums in good condition. Gums are very vulnerable to damage and recession as we get older, and gum infection may also occur, which can be very painful and may cause tooth loss. Therefore, by using vitamin E, you can fight off the causes of unhealthy gums to keep them looking as youthful as your teeth.

Recommended Usage

This toothpaste is primarily recommended for those who wish to give themselves a more youthful appearance, however, the overall benefits of Blanx Anti-Ageing toothpaste makes is appropriate for everyone. For maximum effect, you should use this toothpaste every morning and night.

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