Blanx Classic

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This is Blanx’s most standard whitening toothpaste and was the first to incorporate the natural extract of Arctic Lichen. This formula is designed to whiten teeth gently as it avoids eroding away the tooth enamel – a common problem with some whitening toothpastes that contain abrasives.

Blanx Classic is a relatively fast-acting toothpaste in terms of whitening, therefore it is ideal for those who are wanting whiter teeth quickly, perhaps in preparation for a special occasion or just for a confidence boost.

Does this toothpaste offer any qualities other than whitening?

Blanx Classic also has properties that are present in standard toothpastes. It fights bacteria and plaque to improve oral health. It also helps prevent the build up of tartar that is often associated with gum infection. This ensures that users of Blanx Classic are not only getting whiter teeth, but they are also obtaining the level of protection offered by normal toothpastes on the market.

Who is it suitable for?

Blanx Classic is a toothpaste that is appropriate for use by the general public who are looking for an all round toothpaste that helps keep the mouth healthy whilst whitening teeth. However, if you have sensitive teeth or any other specific oral health problem, it would be recommended that you seek a more specialised toothpaste.

Recommended Usage of Blanx Classic

To obtain the optimum results that Blanx claim this toothpaste can provide, you should incorporate this toothpaste into your oral health routine and use it twice every day. Despite this toothpaste being rather fast acting in terms of whitening, you should still use it regularly for a significant length of time to achieve the best outcome for the long-term.

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