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Blanx has created a toothpaste range that is targeted at consumers who desire whiter teeth. The brand boasts about three key ingredients that supposedly give their products the edge over the rest. Firstly, they have added Artic Lichen, which acts as the active ingredient. This destroys cavity-causing bacteria both on the enamel’s surface and deep within the tooth where bacterial residues and food/drink stains reside. This ingredient apparently also prevents plaque formation.

Secondly is the common toothpaste ingredient, fluoride. Blanx products are partly comprised of sodium fluoride ad sodium monofluorophosphate to make the enamel become richer in fluoride so it is strong and less susceptible to cavities.

Finally, non-abrasive silica is included in their toothpaste range. This makes the toothpastes have a low abrasivity (lower that many competitive whitening toothpastes) to make it less damaging on the enamel.

Blanx manufacture a variety of tooth whitening products, among these are the following four toothpastes:

  • Classic – This is Blanx’s most standard whitening toothpaste and was the first to incorporate the extract of Arctic Lichen.
  • Sensitive Teeth – As well as whitening the teeth, this toothpaste contains a further two active ingredients to help relieve the consumer of tooth sensitivity and its related pain by reinforcing the enamel.
  • Intensive Stain Removal – This is designed to remove the stains caused primarily by food, drink, smoking and plaque. It has a stronger taste than the other products and contains ingredients to stop the formation of plaque and tartar.
  • Anti-Ageing – This toothpaste involves a 3-in-1 formula.  Minerals and fluoride ions are added to strengthen tooth minerals and enamel and Vitamin E is included to keep your gums in a healthy, young state.

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