Blanx Sensitive Teeth

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As well as whitening the teeth, this toothpaste contains a further two active ingredients to help relieve the consumer of tooth sensitivity and its related pain by reinforcing the enamel.

Sensitive teeth are a problem that affects many people. It occurs when the enamel is eroded exposing the dentine underneath. This dentine is rather porous and has tiny tubules that lead to the nerves. This means that the nerves are exposed to contact with food and drink. When hot, cold and often sweet food or drink is consumed, when it touches the nerves it can cause significant, sharp pain. As it is such as common problem, it is deemed important to provide a toothpaste that helps relieve the problem. Blanx Sensitive Teeth also has the added benefit of quickly whitening teeth as it protects against sensitivity.

Who is it Blanx Sensitive Teeth suitable for?

Blanx Sensitive Teeth toothpaste is particularly suitable for those wishing to improve two areas of their oral health - these of course being whiteness and sensitivity. It can be used by others who only desire one of these results with the other just being a added bonus.

Recommended Usage

You should replace the toothpaste you ordinarily use with Blanx Sensitive Teeth in your oral health maintenance routine to reap the benefits. As with other toothpaste recommendations, you should use this toothpaste twice every day (morning and night) over a significant length of time. If sensitivity persists, you should visit your dentist for a professional consultation. In no way - even if the toothpaste does relieve sensitivity and whiten your teeth – cease visiting the dentist every 6 months for a check up, as the dentist may highlight any other oral health issues that may require addressing.

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