Should I go Abroad for Cheaper Dental Veneers?

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Because of the price of dental veneers in the UK and the relative difficulty in obtaining cosmetic procedures on the NHS, more and more people are choosing to get dental veneers fitted abroad. Hungary and Poland are particularly popular for dental treatment but some patients travel as far as Mexico for cheaper porcelain veneers! Some companies offer ‘treatment holidays’, arranging your accommodation for you so you can enjoy a city break around your trips to the dentist.

What is the Cost of Dental Veneers Abroad?

The average price per veneer in Budapest is between £150 and £200. This price may also include airport transfer, temporary veneers, refreshments, x-rays and advice and support. The packages can vary so it is important to do your research carefully. Although the veneers themselves are much cheaper than the UK there may be hidden charges and more for you to arrange yourself.

You may wish to check that the dentist you choose to visit has been audited or reviewed by other patients, and to check if your price includes any guarantee on the veneers themselves. Starting by reading about other patient’s experiences can be a good way to find out if travelling abroad for dental treatment, or ‘health tourism’, is for you.

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