Can I get my Veneers Removed ?

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One of the main risks of dental veneers is that if you are not satisfied with your veneers it can be costly and painful to correct, and that ultimately once you have had veneers fitted you will not be able to go back to not wearing any veneers at all. This is because your original teeth are shaved back in the preparation process and without this enamel your teeth would be incredibly sensitive and unattractive in appearance.

It is rare that veneers would need to be removed for maintenance but cases to occur where the veneer must be taken off to repair a chip on the surface of the original tooth, or to correct veneers that were applied poorly. Only a dentist should ever remove a veneer, and he will do so with a specific dental tool.

If your veneer falls off of its own accord it has not been properly fitted. If you have a warranty you may wish to return to the dentist who fitted it. It is probable that the dentist has either fitted the veneers incorrectly or that the cement was not properly applied and cured. Because, as previously mentioned, you cannot go back to not wearing veneers at all, you would need to get the veneers corrected by another dentist.

Because veneers are a permanent choice (the actual set of veneers may change but you will always need some kind of veneer) it can be expensive if you need them removing and replacing. For example, if a veneer chips it can not be repaired and you would need to pay to have a whole new veneer made up; for the faulty veneer removed; for the tooth surface cleaned of any adhesive residue and possibly for the original tooth to be cleaned up or re-filed.

Importance of Researching Dental Veneer Treatment

For all the above reasons it is vitally important to do your research and choose a skilled dentist who can show you pictures of his previous work. When you get veneers fitted you only want to pay once, and then you shouldn’t have to have any work done on them until they require replacing (on average every ten years). It is also important to make sure dental veneers are the right solution for your dental problems. There is not really any going back!

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