What are Cerec Veneers?

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Cerec machines have revolutionised dental veneer technology, enabling dentists to create and set perfect veneers in one short session – you could even have them fitted on your lunch break! The process differs slightly from standard dental veneers. Your teeth are prepared before the veneers are made up. Instead of a mould, a scan is taken of the prepared teeth and then a block of porcelain that has been coloured to match your teeth is placed in a Cerec machine. The machine uses small drills to grind away the porcelain block to the specifications of the scan, creating veneers that should fit your teeth perfectly. The newest Cerec machines can make a veneer in as little as 6 minutes. The dentist can then apply the veneers as normal. Only one session is needed and no temporary veneers or dental crowns need to be fitted in the period while you wait for your veneers to be made up, and this whole process can be done in under an hour. You also remove the need for additional technical laboratory staff to create the teeth.

Disadvantage of Cerec Veneers

The disadvantage of a Cerec machine is that much more pressure is placed on the dentist. In particular mixing the correct shade for the porcelain can be more difficult with a machine. The procedure is also one less familiar to dentists as it is newer than the standard dental veneer fitting procedure. This means you may pay more because the dentist absolutely must be skilled in both manipulating the shade of the teeth and in application.

Cost of Cerec Veneers

Cerec veneers vary in cost from between £350 and £700 per tooth. Like with standard veneers the price depends on the dentist you go to, for while the machine that they use may produce a uniform result the actual application depends on the skill of the individual.

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