What Are MAC Veneers?

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MAC Veneers are a brand of veneer made in MicroDental Laboratories in California. They differ to standard veneers because they are made of pressed ceramic porcelain, and can be up to 3 times stronger than standard porcelain veneers. With this procedure a model is taken in wax and then the ceramic porcelain is heated and pressure is applied to force it into the mould. This has some advantages over creating the veneers using the brush build-up technique because there is less space between the particles, making the veneers less porous. It is porosity that leads veneers to change colour.

Disadvantages of MAC Veneers

The disadvantage is that while much stronger and beautiful looking MAC Veneers are thicker than other types of porcelain veneers. MAC Veneers are now available in the UK. Again with price there is going to be a range depending on the dentist but the starting price is much higher and on average you can expect to pay between £700 and £900 per tooth (although you may pay much more). If you require many veneers fitting MAC Veneers may be an expensive choice! Of course whatever you choose with regards to the brand of actual veneers fitted, they are only as important as the skill of the dentist who fits them.

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