Doxycycline for Chlamydia Side Effects

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Around 0.01 % to 10 % of people experience side effects. This is equivalent to 1-10 people in every 1000 people taking the medicine will experience side effects. Side effects may be mild and self-limiting. If they do not improve or get worse the longer that you take the medicine then you should see your doctor and stop taking the medicine. Side effects such as diarrhoea are due to the natural bacteria present within your gut also being disrupted by the antibiotic and you may be prescribed an alternative antibiotic if diarrhoea persists. Yeast infections can also occur, however the natural resident bacteria that are disrupted in this case are those present on the skin, on the lining inside the mouth, anus and vagina. Antifungal medication may also be needed if you experience any symptoms of thrush, such as red sore/itchy areas of skin or thick white vaginal discharge or red sore areas of the penis.

Rarely, some serious side effects may appear and you should see your doctor straight away if you experience any of the symptoms as indicative of an allergic reaction. These symptoms are of an allergic reaction, rather than mild side-effects. If you are, or think you may be allergic to doxycycline then this medication should be stopped and you should see a doctor. Don’t worry, another antibiotic can be prescribed for you to treat your infection.

Side effects reported after taking Doxycycline

There are a number of side effects that have reported ranging form swelling to cramps. You must check the details of all side effects before taking the medication. 

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