Preventing Genital Herpes

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Ultimately the best way to stop yourself from catching genital herpes is to abstain from sex. If not, then the next best thing is a condom. No other method of contraception will protect you from any sexually transmitted infections. The condom must also be latex as the virus can pass through none latex condoms.

If you are in a monogamous long-term relationship where both partner has been tested for genital herpes and appears negative, then you have a better chance of not contracting genital herpes. As long as both you and your partner are negative and do not have sexual relations with another person, then your risk of catching the virus is very low.

If you or your partner has genital herpes then it is important that you stop its spread. This may be by abstaining from sex when you have an outbreak, as you are highly contagious at this stage of infection. You must always wear a condom even if you are not having an outbreak, as there is always a risk of infection. Get yourself or your partner tested every so often and do not have unprotected sex with anyone else.  Do not share sex toys and, as an extra precaution, do not share towels, as although the virus does not survive for long outside the body, there is still a risk of infection. Always be honest and truthful with a new partner about your condition.

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