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The NHS provides treatment of any sexually transmitted infection and there are a number of places where you can go to get tested and treated. If you visit your GP, you may have to pay a prescription charge at the pharmacy for you antiviral drugs.

Where can you go to get treated?

The NHS provides a number of clinics that are specialised in treating genital herpes. The best place to visit is a GUM clinic, which stands for genitourinary medicine clinic. They will test for any sexually transmitted infections and help you with treating the infection. They provide service free of charge and you can drop in to speak to the doctors and nurses for confidential advice any time.  A sexual health clinic is the same drop in centre but it just goes by a different name. Any one can visit these clinics and receive advice and tests for sexually transmitted infections.

You can also visit your local GP, by which you will have to make an appointment. They can diagnose you with genital herpes and any other sexually transmitted infections, but they may send you to a GUM clinic for specialist treatment.

When should I get treated?

If it is your first infection, you should visit a clinic or your GP as soon as possible in order to diagnose what the problem is and how it should be treated. You should definitely seek advice if you already have an STI, have HIV or are pregnant as you are at greater risk of more severe outbreaks or complications.

If you are have been diagnosed with genital herpes and are experiencing recurrent outbreaks then you should consider your situation. If they are manageable, you understand about preventing spread of infection and they are not that often, then there is not much need to seek help. However, if they are painful, frequently occurring and you need treatment then you should visit the clinics or your GP who can help you get the right treatment for your symptoms.

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