What Happens after Chemical Peels?

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When your chemical peel is finished your skin will not immediately appear in the state that you consider to be ideal.  24 hours after the chemical peel your skin may still be red and swollen (deeper chemical peels), however this is only temporary. Moreover, the initial burning sensation will dissipate during the next day and be replaced by the feeling that your skin is tighter than before.

The next few days after the chemical peel your skin will begin the ‘healing’ process, which can make it look unsightly to begin with. However, it is important that you do not attempt to pick away at the peeling skin, as this is likely to result in scarring.  Nevertheless, your skin is likely to change to a brownish leathery shade as it begins to dry, anticipating the beginning of it peeling.  During this time you can dab water over your skin but you should not used soap because this is abrasive and will cause your skin to become extra dry.

Around 5 days to a week after your chemical peel your skin will begin to peel. Deeper peels will take a longer time for your skin to peel whilst superficial chemical peels will result in a faster peeling of the skin. When the skin has fully peeled, you will be able to see the new layer of skin cells, it is then that your skin has fully been healed. You should not apply makeup to your skin before this stage.

What to avoid

You should avoid aerobic exercise and vigorous physical exercise for 48 hours after your chemical peel. You should also completely avoid: rubbing and scratching your skin, tanning beds


You should apply Vaseline to your skin to prevent it from cracking. This should be done several times each day. However, ask your practitioner for exact guidance.

Skin, sun & chemical peels

Having a chemical peel can effect your sun skin-care routine for life.  With many chemical peels it is mandatory to use sunscreen for 3 months after your treatment but good sun care is definitely advisable. You are also likely to have to make sunscreen of at least SPF 15 part of your daily skin care routine. This is because undergoing a chemical peel heightens  the ease of sun damage occurring. Making the application of sun cream a habit you can prevent your skin from being further damaged by the sun. Therefore you can prolong the effects of your chemical peel. 

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