Cost of Chemical Peels - are they Expensive?

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Chemical peels are classified as a purely cosmetic procedure and as a consequence are  currently unavailable on the NHS. Therefore this treatment always induces a cost. However chemical peels are a relatively common treatment, which is now offered by the vast majority of private surgeons within the UK. Typically the more invasive and thus the more effective the peel is, the higher the cost of the treatment will be. Consequentially superficial peels are effectively the cheapest variety of chemical peel available, whilst deep peels are the most expensive.

Are Chemical Peels expensive?

In terms of estimated cost chemical peels vary grandly in their price range.  For a single session of a superficial chemical peel such as a mild glycolic or AHA peel, you would expect to pay approximately £60.  To yield significant results and your complete satisfaction this treatment would then have to be repeated, thus incurring further costs. However the given figure is merely an estimate and stipulated prices would alter for every person in consideration of their unique, individual skin requirements. If higher concentrations of a chemical, for example glycolic acid, are required then this is likely to be reflected in a slightly heightened price.

On average a medium depth peel such as a TCA peel would cost around £500 for four sessions, making it the mid-range treatment, in terms of both cost and efficacy.

There is then a distinguishably vast distance between the price of the medium peel and the deep peel. Unlike the medium and superficial chemical peels it is highly recommended that a qualified surgeon should perform a deep peel treatment due to the heightened risk involved. Thus the treatment, requiring greater expertise to perform, costs more with prices starting at around £600 and increasing upwards to around £2000 for the most expensive and advanced deep peels. 

Are home chemical peels less expensive?

Home chemical peels are less expensive in monetary terms, however you are restricted by an absence of a trained professional to administer the treatment. Effectively this is the reason why home chemical peels cost less. This potentially heightens the possibility of unwanted side effects occurring. Moreover, the concentrations of the chemicals present within over-the-counter chemical peels are far lower than administered via a practitioner.

If you decide to purchase the chemicals required in order to complete a home chemical peel then you will only be able to buy those of a lower concentration. A home peel is only an equivalent to a superficial peel. It is important to determine which type of chemical peel will be most suitable for your needs, which a free consultation can help you to fully clarify. Moreover, this will also highlight your individual price requirement.  

Crucially, different clinics, cosmetic surgeons or beauty salons (dependant on required treatment) will offer different prices for their chemical peels, making it highly advantageous to carefully research all the available options prior to incurring a rash payment.  Potentially you may consider that travelling abroad for a chemical peel will be the most cost effective option but always remember that with the deeper peels you should always confirm that the practitioner has the relevant qualifications and that they are properly accredited.  

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