Preparing for Chemical Peel Treatment

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Especially for the deeper peels, a pre-chemical peel routine may be prescribed for as long as approximately 4 to 8 weeks prior to the actual chemical peel and lasting for this duration. This skin care routine will leave your skin in the most idyllic state in terms of the effectiveness of the chemical peel.

The specified homecare products before your peel should be applied to the area of skin, for example your face, several weeks to several nights prior to your chemical peel.  The prescribed creams function to exfoliate your skin (to a lesser extent than a chemical peel) and to reduce pigmentation on your skin.  Thus those with darker skin are more likely to be advised to complete a pre-treatment skin care routine, purely because their risk of hyperpigmentation is higher and this can help to reduce the risk.

Another benefit granted by these creams is that the time taken for the induced wound, created when you undergo a chemical peel, to heal will be lessened.

Commonly advised pre-treatment creams

There are certain creams that you are most likely to be advised to apply to the skin that you desire to be chemically peeled. These are as follows:

  • Tretinion - one of the topical retinoids (creams, lotions and gels) containing a chemical which is derived from Vitamin A.  If you are treated with this then the possibility of keratimisation is reduced.
  • AHA (Alpha Hydroxy acid) chemical used within superficial peel.
  • Hydroquinine - most likely to be given to those with dark/ tanned skin or those with melasma. This chemical reduces the risk of hyperpigmentation problems.

Moreover you are likely to be advised to thoroughly protect your skin against sun damage to prevent further skin damage. Therefore remember to apply sunscreen to your skin of an appropriate spectrum e.g. factor 30 (SPF 30) when you are in the sun.

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