Reasons for having Chemical Peels

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Those that opt to have a chemical peel do so to improve the quality of their skin. Our skin can become damaged for numerous reasons including; smoking, sunlight and acne. All conditions result in a departure from the original baby-like softness of the skin. In effect chemical peels act as an effective anti-ageing procedure.

Reducing the visibility of wrinkles

Years ago chemical peels posed great risk of discolouration and scarring. Nowadays the treatment is far safer, a good means to reduce the visibility of surface level wrinkles. Moreover chemical peels can help to reduce the visible signs of old age, wrinkles. Regardless chemical peels are only able to reduce wrinkles, which are of a superficial depth, therefore wrinkles remain following the procedure.  Remember you should not have a chemical peel under the illusion that all your wrinkles will disappear.

Reducing the appearance of freckles

Freckles can divide opinion, they can be considered as both a curse and a blessing. If you think that it is a curse then you may want to remove them, chemical peels can help. Freckles are small patches of melanin (brownish hued skin pigment) found on the surface level of our skin; they are most visible on those who have fair skin and are caused by our genetic makeup. Freckles can reappear when our skin is exposed to the sun, so if you have been treated with a chemical peel then you should avoid sun exposure, taking careful precaution to protect your skin. Alternative methods to chemical peels are:

  • Retinal A-which can lighten the skin
  • Cryosurgery - the freckles are frozen with a liquid nitrogen solution

Removing sun spots & age spots

Other pigmentation conditions that can be remarkably improved through a chemical peel include age spots and sun spots. Age spots, also known as liver spots are flat dark patches of skin like sun spots.

Treating Acne

Regardless of age acne is an annoying, unpleasant and sometimes very painful skin condition. Those suffering seek to alleviate the conditions by any means necessary, some have found a solution via the chemical peel treatment.

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