Recovering from Chemical Peels

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The choice between the strength of chemical peel also allows you a choice of viable recovery times.  Whether you are only able to spare a weekend or you can allow your skin weeks of careful healing time, you must decide between the strength of peel you desire. Receiving a chemical peel vastly differs from being operated upon, as chemical peels are purely a treatment in contrast to an operation. Yet similarly, both operations and chemical peels may result in the need for a recovery period. Although with chemical peels this is predominantly stipulated by the aesthetic quality of the skin- the desire to show beautiful skin rather than a need to properly heal.

The length of time required for your skin to effectively heal from the chemical peel often acts as a factor in swaying an individual’s choice between superficial, medium depth and deep peels. Ordinarily a superficial peel has the shortest recovery time and thus it has required the title of the ‘lunchtime peel’. This makes it a perfect treatment for those with hectic work schedules or those with minimal free time. Contrastingly deep phenol peels have a vastly extended recovery time. With this type of chemical peel you would expect to around 1 to 2 weeks of downtime, involving facial bandages, painkillers and antibiotics.  For this type of procedure you would not be able to work for the given period of downtime.

During the recovery period your skin will turn red and then peel off, after becoming dry and scaly. It is important that you do not attempt to remove the skin before it is ready to be naturally peeled. This will severely effect your recovery, unnecessarily preventing your skin from healing and effectively reversing the skin’s transformation.

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