Chemical Peels for the Body

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It is a lesser-known fact that the application of a chemical peel is not limited to the face and thus skin on other areas of the body can be treated with a peel.  Therefore the skin on the arms, legs, abdomen and back can also be rejuvenated. Body chemical peels act to exfoliate the outer layers of skin, these shed skin cells are later replaced with new cells causing an improved texture to arise.

Chemical peels which cannot be used on the body

The only variant of chemical peel that cannot be used upon any other area of skin apart from the face is the phenol peel.  This is because the effect of the chemical peel upon the body’s skin is greater. As a result the deep penetrating peel could cause major chemical burns or other unwanted side effects if used upon the body.

Body chemical peels

Typically the chemical peel solution that is used upon areas of the body other than the face is comprised of a combination of trichloroacetic acid (commonly used within medium depth chemical peels) and glycolic acid (a key ingredient of mild chemical peels). As a result this combination of chemicals results in a chemical peel that has a strength halfway between a medium depth peel and a superficial (mild) chemical peel. The precise strength of the chemical peel will be chosen after consultation with the practitioner who will treat the skin with a peel. They will analyse whether a body facial peel is appropriate in treating the ailments.

Effect of chemical peels on the body

Chemical peels when applied to the body produce the same effect as when they are applied to the face. Hence, chemical peels are a viable option when seeking to reduce the appearance of: superficial wrinkles, superficial acne, skin pigmentation, age spots, uneven skin texture and numerous other conditions.

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