Dark Skin & Chemical Peels

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Chemicals peels are suitable for people of all skin colours. Mild (superficial) peels are advocated for even those with dark skin because the risks of adverse side effects occurring are relatively minimal.  Comparatively, deep phenol peels have a far greater chance of producing unwanted effects such as hyperpigmentation, which are more likely to occur on those who have darker skin.  Chances of pigmentation problems are also heightened by taking birth control, pregnancy or family history of skin discolouration.

As phenol peels result in permanently lighter skin they are suitable for those with fairer skin but not for those of a darker complexion.  Phenol peels may cause the skin to be simultaneously darkened (post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation) and lightened (hypo-pigmentation), this can lead to ‘blotchy’ pigmentation.  Moreover where the chemical peel has been applied there may be a visible line apparent, which is intensely undesirable.

Results are not definite for everyone and therefore you should always consult with a dermatologist about the best viable option. 

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