Side Effects of Chemical Peels

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There are a variety of different horror stories that proliferate the web concerning the terrible side effects produced by chemical peels. Yet it is vital that you consider that the vast majority of those who are treated with a chemical peel will not suffer from any unwanted side effects. Crucially they will instead be rewarded by a healthier looking skin which is likely to also improve self-esteem.

Certain side effects should be expected when you are treated with a chemical peel they are temporary and completely harmless:

  • Redness - mild/ superficial peels can produce redness that lasts around two to three days. With medium depth chemical peels recovery can be longer with redness lasting for up to a month.
  • Swelling - Associated with deep peels, swelling may last for around three days. Less frequently swelling appears after a superficial peel.
  • Itchiness - not present after a superficial peel but a side effect of both deep and medium depth peels.

Furthermore, you may experience a certain degree of pain following the treatment. Again this is not the sign of a complication but a frequently experienced symptom.

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