Pregnancy & Chemical Peels

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During pregnancy your body changes in a variety of ways that can ultimately affect many different areas of your life. One of these areas is your ability to be treated with a chemical peel or undergo other cosmetic treatments.  Advice upon which chemicals to avoid, whether given by the government or discussed by scientists, is constantly changing.  This can cause un-needed and stressful confusion! Some pregnant women opt for the decision not to introduce any un-natural chemicals into their body during pregnancy. When the foetus is developing all the nutrients that it requires are gained purely from its mother’s blood, her blood is the life source. Chemical peels have not been specifically linked to causing problems for the developing child but it is a subject of great debate as to which chemicals are directly related to future problems for the child. Crucially, this is the same for all chemicals and one moment a chemical described as beneficial can become a complete pregnancy no-no. However, we can consider the risk of chemical peels to the pregnant mother to be minimal, there are no glaring adverse effects to either mother or her child.

During pregnancy you may be advised to stay clear of salicylic acid and BHA peels as the salicylic acid can be absorbed through your skin and this could potentially cause problems. The good news is that you can be treated with other chemical peels when pregnant and therefore experience the feeling of having radiant rejuvenated skin.  Superficial peels, glycolic peels are still a viable option.

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