Scarring with Chemical Peels

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When you are about to embark upon a chemical peel treatment you will be required to sign a form stating that you fully understand all of the risks involved with the chemical peel treatment.

Scarring resulting from a chemical peel

Proceeding chemical peel treatment, bacterial infections may lead to scarring.  Sometimes medication is prescribed as a preventive measure, to reduce the likelihood of a bacterial infection occurring.  If the skin erupts, blisters, oozes or ulcerates then you should immediately contact your doctor.  Moreover extreme pain after the 48-hour period is an extremely worrying sign and warrants that you call a doctor. 

However scarring is rare if the chemical peel is properly carried out. Usually scars occur because of either bacterial infection or are caused by picking off the peeling skin after your chemical peel. Therefore it is vital that you leave the skin to peel off of it’s own accord.  Picking off the skin means that you are pulling over layers of healing cells, they may not re-grow or do so in an uneven manner. Crucially if you do not pick you skin then scarring is entirely avoidable.

There is also a heightened risk of scarring if the chemical peel is used on your hands rather than your face.

What to do if a chemical peel scars you

  • Immediately stop any chemical peel treatment or other facial procedure for the time being.  You may be recommended to either a doctor or a dermatologist.
  • The doctor/ dermatologist may prescribe you with a cream; this should be applied as required. If the scar itches then you may also be advised to apply a small amount of antihistamine cream to the affected area.
  • The severity of the scarring will determine the procedure recommended by the dermatologist.

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