Repeating Chemical Peel Treatment

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Before deciding to have your face (or even your body) chemically peeled it is important to account for the possibility of repeated chemical peel treatments. This will incur additional cost and therefore it is vital that you account for this prior to having your skin chemically peeled.

The potential for a repeat chemical peel

There is a golden rule to remember concerning chemical peels: the deeper the strength the peel is the less the likelihood of a repeat chemical peel is. With superficial peels (the mildest available and therefore the weakest variant of peel) the acid lightly penetrates the skin. This means that the controlled wound created will not be as deep and resultantly the depth of new cell growth will be less than would be produced after a deep peel.

Consequentially, the outcome of an initial superficial chemical peel may be far less than anticipated. If the individual desires to see greater improvement in the freshness of their skin, a repeat chemical peel is often necessary.

Until the skin has completely healed, a repeat chemical peel should never be undertaken. This is because an additional peel would produce further damage to the skin.  Even if you consider your skin to be in fine condition to undergo another peel, ensure that you have reached the precise required healing time for the specific depth of peel that you have been treated with.

Repeat peels with superficial peels

Superficial chemical peels are often repeated several times across the duration of several months for the optimum results to be produced.  Consult with your practitioner for the best results for your skin.

Repeat peels with medium depth peels

Those who have a medium depth chemical peel (TCA peel) can opt to have a repeat peel 6 to 12 months after the initial peel.

And deep peels?

The results of deep peels have been suggested as lasting up to decades after the original treatment. Therefore a repeat deep peel is highly unlikely to be needed.

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