Chemical Peels for Sensitive Skin

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It is a myth that skin that is sensitive cannot be treated with a chemical peel; all skin types can reap the potential benefits of being treating with a peel. Whether a person suffers from mild acne or desires to reduce the appearance of superficial scars, superficial wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes or other skin complaints- a chemical peel treatment may be the ideal solution

Chemical peels for sensitive skin

There are three types of chemical peel, ranging in strength and thus their ability to penetrate the skin. The deep peel (phenol peel) is the strongest variety of chemical peel currently available, although it can penetrate the deepest into the skin and produces immediate results it also has the recovery. Phenol peels are the least advisable chemical peel for sensitive skin, as they are likely to result in a certain degree of pain, which will be heightened in those candidates who have sensitive skin.

Medium depth chemical peels are more appropriate for sensitive skin than deep peels but may still result in mild skin irritation. Therefore, for those who have sensitive skin, the superficial chemical peel is likely to be the most suitable form of chemical peel. During the consultation period with the practitioner, the skin will be thoroughly analysed and an appropriate chemical peel strength be tailored to your specific skin type.

Superficial chemical peels

A superficial chemical peel (also known as a glycolic peel or a AHA peel) rarely results in pain. Moreover, recovery time is less than for the chemical peels which penetrate deepest into the skin.  Dead skin cells will be dissolved by the chemical peel and will flake off the skin over several days. Comparatively downtime after a phenol peel ranges into months. Furthermore, the chemicals contained within a superficial chemical peel are far weaker than those used in the deeper peels. Side effects such as redness and itchiness are not commonly associated with superficial chemical peels, making them ideal for sensitive skin. The consultation period will incorporate an analysis of the skin, which will evaluate the strength of chemical peel will the greatest appropriateness for your skin.

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