Chemical Peels for Dark Circles under the Eyes

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Having dark circles under the eyes can give the appearance of being overly tired, which is not often a desirable trait! This discolouration of the skin is likely to have affected everyone at some point in time but for some the persistent darkness under the eyes is seemingly constant.

Why dark circles appear under the eyes

Potentially, there are numerous causes of dark circles under the eyes- some of which a chemical peel treatment will be highly effective in helping to reduce the appearance.

Broken blood vessels

If the blood vessels, which supply the skin underneath the eyes, rupture then the supply of blood is limited. As the haemoglobin supply, the oxygen-carrying molecule contained within blood, is limited the skin darkens. This is because haemoglobin has a red colour


Dark circles can signify that the body is deficient in iron meaning that an individual is suffering from anaemia. Anaemia, the deficiency of iron, results in a lack of haemoglobin production (the red pigment contained in blood) therefore the capillaries under the eyes are improperly supplied. Yet, dark circles alone do not indicate that an individual is suffering from anaemia. Other symptoms include: constant tiredness, dizziness, headaches, poor memory, pale skin, headaches and shortness of breath.


Dark circles around the eyes can be the result of hyperpigmentation.

Other causes

Hereditary factors, allergies, age and fatigue can also cause the appearance of dark circles.

Chemical peels for dark circles

Due to the improvement in laser resurfacing technology, chemical peels have suffered in popularity as a treatment for the removal of dark circles. Yet, chemical peels can often help to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

If the dark circles are caused by hyperpigmnetation, chemical peels help to reduce the appearance of the dark circles.

The skin on the eyelid is very thin and as a consequence medium depth or deep chemical peels are not advised as they have the potential to cause damage to the eyeball. Superficial peels (glycolic/ AHA peels) are most often used because this are the weakest variant of chemical peel, they do not penetrate as deeply.

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