Advantages of Restylane Sub Q

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Restylane Sub Q has many benefits compared to alternative methods of rejuvenating your appearance such as surgical procedures and older human and animal fat based products. However as with all procedures of this type, there are also disadvantages of Restylane Sub Q and you should be just as aware of these before you decide to undergo treatment.

Advantages of Restylane Sub Q Dermal Fillers

One of the main advantages of Restylane Sub Q is that it is a fairly long lasting dermal filler. The results of each complete treatment with Restylane Sub Q can last for up to eighteen months; this makes the product one of the longest lasting dermal fillers available on the market. This also means that if you are happy with your new look and wouldn’t dream of going on without Restylane Sub Q, you have plenty of time to save up between treatments. This gives Restylane Sub Q an advantage over surgical options, which not only carry much greater health risks, but also cost huge amounts of money, meaning that you have to find thousands of pounds in one go.

Restylane Sub Q also has the advantage of being a non- invasive procedure. This means that there is less of a risk of you developing a couple of serious complications such as blood loss or infection. As noted above, this gives this product a clear advantage over surgical aesthetic procedure alternatives, which carry much more serious risks. The pain involved is dramatically reduced and, as the recovery process of a surgical procedure is a lot more intense and takes a lot more time, the recovery time is greatly reduced. This limits the amount of time you have to take out of your life to get the new appearance you want and see the benefits as soon as possible.  

One of the biggest advantages of Restylane Sub Q – and a big deciding factor for its customers – is the actual change that you will experience in the way that you look. Undergoing treatment with Restylane Sub Q can dramatically change you appearance for the better, remodelling and filling your face and other places on the body to look the way that you have always wanted. This boost in self-esteem has been shown add to the whole transformation, as more self-confidence is beneficial not only to your appearance, but also to your mental well- being.

Another decision influencing benefit of Restylane Sub Q treatments is the lack of pain usually experienced – especially when compared with surgical procedures. Treatments with Restylane Sub Q do not normally cause a lot of discomfort and many treatments do not involve an anaesthetic. The pain threshold of each individual person is a factor in how much pain you feel however, and sometimes it will be worth asking for a local anaesthetic – even just for peace of mind in yourself. Either way, the treatment should be a relatively comfortable and simple procedure.

As Restylane Sub Q is a form of hyaluronic acid dermal filler – a product which occurs naturally in the human body - it is completely natural and pure. This greatly limits the risk of having an adverse reaction and as such, reactions to Restylane Sub Q are extremely rare.

All of these factors together are just some of the things that influence many people’s decisions of whether or not to go with Restylane Sub Q for their cosmetic enhancement.

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