How to Get Restylane Sub Q Treatment

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Restylane Sub Q is a complicated dermal filler to administer; therefore it is important that you see a qualified professional in order to get it. Although adverse reactions to Restylane Sub Q are rare, failure to use a suitable practitioner can lead to serious complications, which could be life threatening. As well as this, the more experienced the practitioner you go with, the more successful the process of your treatment is bound to be – this includes benefits such as the effects lasting longer, less pain inflicted during the treatment, and potentially less side effects such as redness and bruising.

Finding a Suitable Practitioner for Restylane Sub Q Treatment

The administration of Restylane Sub Q is not a normal part of a doctor’s training. It is therefore important that you find someone who is not only qualified to administer dermal fillers, but who has plenty of hands on experience.

The amount of training required to administer dermal fillers, such as Restylane Sub Q is minimal. Some practitioners only undergo one two day course in order to be qualified. However, whilst it is important that you ensure that your practitioner is qualified to administer dermal fillers, it is experience in doing so that is the most valuable tool.

The best way to find an experienced Restylane Sub Q practitioner is to search online for practitioners in your area. You may be able to find information on the internet about how long the practitioner has been using Restylane Sub Q and how often they do the procedure. If you can not find this information you should arrange for a consultation with the practitioner so that you can discuss their experience with them. Don’t be afraid to go to a series of consultations with different doctors – what counts is that you find a suitable practitioner that you will be happy and comfortable with.

The Restylane Sub Q Consultation

A consultation is the first step to getting the new look that you desire. The Restylane Sub Q consultation usually consists of a chat with the practitioner about exactly what you want out of the treatment. The practitioner will then consider everything you have said and advise you on what is best for you. It might be that due to what you want out of the treatment, you will be advised on a different Restylane product, which may turn out cheaper for you.

You should be prepared to ask any questions that you may have about the procedure. These could include:

  • Any pre- treatment regimes that you should follow
  • How long the procedure will take
  • What the treatment will involve
  • What discomfort to expect from the procedure
  • Any post- treatment regimes that you should follow
  • How long the treatment will last
  • How to prolong the results of the treatment

If you are happy with all the information you have been given, then you are one step closer to getting the younger, fresher and more attractive appearance you have always wanted.

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