How Long do Restylane Sub Q Results Last?

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Restylane Sub Q is considered to be a long lasting dermal filler, and is one of the longest lasting fillers of its kind currently available in the UK. It is however, not a permanent procedure and to keep the results up you will require repeat procedures. The amount of time that the results of your Restylane Sub Q treatment will last for depends largely on the treatment area and your own body, but after the average duration period is over the hyaluronic acid within the product will naturally and harmlessly break down in the body and leave you looking as you did before. Restylane Sub Q will not leave any marks or difference in the treatment areas after it has broken down.

How Long Will the Results of Restylane Sub Q Injections Last For?

The results of Restylane Sub Q injections become visible six weeks after the treatment, they can last for any period of time between six months and eighteen months. The results of Restylane Sub Q are not permanent and the amount of time for which they last can vary greatly depending on the type of treatment that you have. So if you are having a more intense procedure, requiring a lot of Restylane Sub Q product, your treatment will probably last a little longer. The duration period will also vary depending on how quickly your body breaks down the Restylane Sub Q as it is a biodegradable product. This is mainly down to factors such as the state of your immune system and lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise.

Reasons for Which Restylane Sub Q is Not Permanent

Restylane Sub Q is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler, which biodegrades over time. This is because it is a natural product, and, whilst in your body, is functioning just as the natural hyaluronic acid in your skin already would act. This is a safe process in which your body breaks down and removes the Restylane Sub Q from your body. If you want permanent results you should consider more drastic options such as cosmetic surgery, as all dermal fillers will require repeat procedures to maintain their results.

Prolonging the Results of Restylane Sub Q

The best way to prolong the results of your Restylane Sub Q treatment is to follow the instructions of your practitioner and to take care of your skin and general health. If you drink plenty of fluids and eat a healthy diet the results of your Restylane Sub Q may last for a longer period of time. Exercise, drinking less alcohol and not smoking are also factors that will also contribute to the prolonging of your treatment. As well as making your treatment last a little bit longer, you will also feel better within yourself, further enhancing your transformation and increasing your self-confidence.

Some companies sell products such as face creams that claim to prolong the results of Restylane Sub Q and other dermal fillers. However there is no scientific evidence of this and as such you should be weary of such products. If you are unsure of these products you should ask your practitioner whether they believe them to be effective.

Repeat Treatments of Restylane Sub Q

Once the effects of Restylane Sub Q have worn off, you may wish to undergo further treatments so that you can maintain the youthful and healthy appearance. Undergoing repeat treatments of Restylane Sub Q is a simple process, and provided that your medical history has not changed there should be no problems.

If the effects of your last treatment have not completely worn off, but are fading, then it is possible to just have a top up treatment. This is exactly the same as your initial treatment but will probably take a little less of the Restylane Sub Q product. This means that it will take a little less time and could potentially cost you a little less, too.

If you are thinking of undergoing repeat treatments with Restylane Sub Q you should decide whether you wish to use the same practitioner. If you were completely happy with the results of your previous treatment, you should not hesitate to use the same practitioner.

If your medical history has changed there may be issues involving repeat procedures. The main example of this is if you have gotten pregnant since you last had your treatment. If this is the case it will not be possible for you to undergo a repeat procedure until you have had your child and you have stopped breast feeding them if you intend to do so.

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