Restylane Sub Q for Jaw and Chin Definition

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Restylane Sub Q can be used to give you a neat and defined jaw line, and can also be used to act as a replacement of the fat that may have been lost from your chin. The effect of this is to redefine the whole profile of the face, making you look younger and bolder. Many people experience a slight sagging of the face and facial features over time, and Restylane Sub Q used on the chin and jaw line is the perfect way to combat this.

The treatment of the jaw line and chin can be expensive depending on the amount of Restylane Sub Q that is required to achieve the results that you wish for. The Restylane Sub Q is usually injected into the lower face without a topical anaesthetic although this is sometimes used. Once injected, the hyaluronic acid works instantly to give the area a plumper, volumised look and sharpening the lines.

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