Restylane Sub Q for Cheek Enhancement

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One of the main reasons for which people use Restylane Sub Q is to enhance their cheeks. This is usually the case if your cheeks might have sunken due to age or illness, or just the way they have formed naturally. Restylane Sub Q can be used to mimic the fat that has been depleted from your cheeks and can give them a more attractive shape by highlighting your cheek bones.

This is one of the most complex uses of Restylane Sub Q and the treatment can involve several separate stages. As a result this treatment has one of the longest treatment times in the Restylane range, taking on average around an hour. This combined with the fact that quite a lot of the product is used in each treatment can make Restylane Sub Q a bit more expensive than other, less intense treatments.

Your cheeks are usually divided into four sections for the treatment. These are the upper, middle, and lower sections of your cheeks and the cheek bones. Each of these sections will require differing amounts of Restylane Sub Q, depending on the severity of your problem, and the results that you wish to achieve. If you only want a slight enhancement you may only require a small amount of Restylane Sub Q to define the cheek bones and give your face a more attractive appearance. This however, is completely dependent on each individual case, and your practitioner should talk you through the best options available for you.

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