Procedure for Restylane Sub Q Treatment

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Before undergoing treatment with Restylane Sub Q you should be aware of what the treatment will involve. If you are unsure about any aspect of the treatment you should ask your practitioner to explain the procedure in more detail. By being aware of what will happen throughout the procedure you will be more comfortable during the procedure. This can greatly reduce your nerves and anticipation before your first treatment with Restylane Sub Q and leave you with an altogether more positive experience.

Pre- Treatment Procedure for Restylane Sub Q

You should ask your practitioner if they can advise you on what you should do before your treatment with Restylane Sub Q.  Because Restylane Sub Q uses hyaluronic acid, you are not required to have a ‘pre-application’ test of the product, which will reduce the amount of time it takes to achieve your new look substantially.

As it is a very simple procedure, it is generally very unlikely that you will have to take many measures before the treatment. However there are certain things that you can do to try to make the procedure and the recovery process more comfortable.

One of the best things to do before your treatment with Restylane Sub Q is to ensure that your skin is as healthy as possible. You can do this by drinking plenty of water, ensuring that your skin is moisturised, and eating a healthy balanced diet. This will help to make your skin strong and healthy, which can reduce your recovery time and make you more comfortable throughout the procedure. If you are a heavy smoker or drinker, it would also benefit to cut down in the weeks before your treatment. If you carry on with healthier lifestyle choices such as these, it can also help your treatment to last a little bit longer.

Your practitioner may recommend that you take certain vitamins or supplements, or that you stop taking certain medications. You should follow their advice as closely as possible to ensure that the procedure and your recovery go exactly as you want it to. Even if this advice will only possibly improve the application of your treatment slightly, it will be worth it to feel and look just that much better, making the whole process even more satisfactory and worthwhile.

Application of Restylane Sub Q

Most people do not require an anaesthetic for treatment with Restylane Sub Q as it is a fairly comfortable procedure. If you wish to, you may take pain killers before the treatment to make it as comfortable as possible. The amount of pain experienced however, is all dependent on the individual person. Some people do note quite a bit of pain, while others say that they felt almost no pain at all, just a bit of discomfort. If you have a bit of a phobia of needles, then painkillers or a local anaesthetic may help to ease your nerves slightly.

After you have established whether or not you are going to undergo some form of pain relief, the treatment area will be cleaned with an antiseptic lotion to minimize the possibility of infection. The practitioner will then mark your treatment area using a sterile pen. This will allow them to accurately inject the Restylane Sub Q into the areas in need of enhancement.

Once the treatment area has been determined the practitioner will inject the Restylane Sub Q into the area using a pre- filled disposable syringe. The Restylane Sub Q will be injected into the treatment area slowly to avoid discomfort. The needle is used to create a passage through your skin and it is in this passage that the Restylane Sub Q sits.

The procedure can take between twenty minutes and an hour depending on what your treatment involves. Because of this relatively quick process, getting the Restylane Sub Q treatment is one of the most convenient ways to enhance your looks – you could even have this treatment in your lunch break. And due to the fact that it is recommended for most people to carry on with your day to day life as usual immediately after the treatment, time will never be an issue.

Post - Treatment Care for Restylane Sub Q

Once the treatment is complete you will be able to return home, and as noted above, many people return to work immediately after treatment with Restylane Sub Q, making it part of a group known as ‘lunchtime procedures’. However, in some case it is recommended that you have two days off hard or strenuous work after the procedure – this though is generally not necessary and may just be something that you might feel more comfortable with. You will experience some discomfort after treatment with Restylane Sub Q such as a slight redness or swelling, so should take pain killers if required.

After the treatment you should try to avoid heavy contact with your face for at least forty- eight hours. This may involve sleeping on your back rather than your side. You should also avoid any sports or activities, which may lead to contact with your face and stay out of extreme weather conditions. So if you’re planning on going on a ski or sun holiday shortly after your treatment you may want to wait an extra week or so.

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