Restylane Sub Q for Lip Enhancement

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Restylane Sub Q treatments are used by a variety of people for a variety of reasons. Due to the impressive duration of the product and the astounding dramatic results in can incur, many people use it as an alternative to the traditional fat transfer used in cheek enhancement and the remodelling of the face. Other people have used Restylane Sub Q as a product for lip augmentation, filling lines and furrows on the face and also around the jawline to increase definition around the face. All of these uses combine the improvement of signs of ageing and aesthetic imperfections, which can often lead many people to suffer from low self-esteem problems.

One reason for which people undergo treatment with Restylane Sub Q is to enhance the look of their lips. Whether is due to a natural thinness of the lips or a gradual thinning due to age, Restylane Sub Q works to plump and add volume. The amount of volume you wish to be added is completely down to you, and many people end up with the lips they have always dreamed of having.

Procedures involving the lips can be a little bit more uncomfortable than those involving other areas of the face. This is because of the constant mobility of this area – every day activities such as talking, eating and drinking. This means that a topical anaesthetic cream may be applied to your lips and the surrounding area before the Restylane Sub Q is injected, which will decrease the level of discomfort you will feel.

Once the Restylane Sub Q is injected the hyaluronic acid will begin to attract water to your lips. This makes them become plumper as they have much more volume. Restylane Sub Q can also be used to give them more definition as it can highlight and shape the natural line around your lips making them more attractive.

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