Restylane Sub Q to Fill Lines

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Restylane Sub Q can be used to fill both deep and slightly finer lines on the face, which become more and more defined in most people as we age. Different people suffer from different lines on the face, though some of the most common ones are Nasolabial folds, Marionette lines, 'lipstick' lines and deep crow's feet around the eyes.

A common use of Restylane Sub Q is to fill the nasolabial folds. These are the lines that go from the nose to the lips, which again, often become more noticeable as you age. When injected into the folds of this part of the face, the hyaluronic acid works to make the skin appear plumper due to this added volume. This volume fills the lines preventing making them much less visible and making you appear much more youthful and attractive.

Another common place Restylane Sub Q treatments are used for are Marionette lines. These lines form around the bottom part of the mouth, and many people complain of the ageing and sagging affect they have on their entire facial appearance. As they are generally downturned lines, they can also tend to give you a sterner or angrier look than you would like. Restylane Sub Q can fill these lines simply and effectively, leaving you looking not only younger, but with a more pleasant aesthetic outlook, improving your self-esteem and happiness with your appearance.

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